Global Medical & Health Communication (GMHC)

The Global Medical and Health Communication (GMHC) is a journal that publishes medical and health articles published since 2013. Articles are original research that needs to be disseminated and written in the Indonesian language (with due concern to the General Spellings Guidelines for Indonesian) or English.
      In not so long time, GMHC journal published by Faculty of Medicine, Bandung Islamic University have already accredited by Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 2/E/KPT/2015 since 1st December 2015. It’s also indexed in Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) on 9th May 2017. With DOAJ indexing this journal are able to reach international audiences..
     This achievement received positive responses from researchers, lecturers and health observers alike showed by articles submitted which are triple compare to the number of articles received in its early time. The quality of the articles also show improvement both in methodology and written that will be beneficial for audiences. Research findings were best to disseminate as early as possible so they can be used properly. To support these GMHC publication which was every 6 (six) months in a year will publish every 4 (four) months in one year starting from 2017.
      The news from science and health about challenges and opportunities in Indonesia is still very quiet that GMHC hopes to become the best means to support researchers, lecturers, and health practitioners to become the voice of Indonesia, especially in health.

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Vol 5, No 2 (2017): August 2017

Table of Contents


Titik Respati


Rivan Virlando Suryadinata, Bambang Wirjatmadi, Merryana Adriani
Siti Nur Hasanah, Mieska Despitasari, Harimat Hendarwan
Octo Tumbur, Zainal Safri, Refli Hassan
Evi Umayah Ulfa, Esti Utarti, Izzay Afkarina, Sattya Arimurti, Kartika Senjarini
Regina Putri, Teresa Liliana Wargasetia, Susy Tjahjani
Ida Hadiyati, Nanan Sekarwana, Deni Kurniadi Sunjaya, Elsa Pudji Setiawati
Diana Krisanti Jasaputra, Khie Khiong Tjhia, Ervi Afifah, Hanna Sari W. Kusuma
Yulia Sofiatin, Rully M.A. Roesli
Nurul Auliya Kamila, Hadi Susiarno, Dida Akhmad Gurnida, Irvan Afriandi, Herry Garna, Tono Djuwantono
Deis Hikmawati, Diany Maedasari, Panji Ramdhani Prasetya
Iwan Muhamad Ramdan, Siti Badriatul Mursyidah, Siti Jubaedah
Yuktiana Kharisma, Eka Hendryanny, Astari P. Riani