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Butterflies are insects of the order Lepidoptera most widely known through the shape and color of the wings. Butterflies are found in a variety of ecosystems including the settlement in the village of Pangandaran bordering the Pangandaran Nature Reserve. This study aims to determine the diversity of butterflies in a residential area of Pangandaran. The method used in this study is a survey by exploration around the locality. Observations were made every day at 08.00 to 17.00 during the week. Butterflies are found to be captured by using insect net and preserved for the sake of identification. In this study, also conducted measurements of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, light intensity and wind speed as well as a recording of plant species in the vicinity of the study. The data were analyzed descriptively. The results show there are seven species of butterflies from the family nymphalid, four species of family papilonidae and nine species of the family Pieridae. 


diversity, butterflies, survey


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