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The Gorontalo Community still rely on tables and chairs furniture made from rattan, but along with the time, tables and chairs from rattan is already becoming obsolete, one reason is growing furniture design that more convincing than other materials such as wood and aluminum. The society Devotion (IBM) will provide re-design solutions for a table and chairs made from rattan by considering three main concepts, namely efficiency, aesthetic, and functional. With this concept can produce tables and chairs that are more innovative, powerful, and has a higher aesthetic so that it becomes a product of superior competition. Specific targets to be achieved is the increase: 1) knowledge and skills about designing tables and chairs from rattan using three concepts, namely efficiency, aesthetic, and functional, 2) increased revenue artisans from rattan tables and chairs. In addition to these targets, also the administrative improvement craftsmen and marketing management. The method used is the training and assistance directly to the artisans of the strategies and techniques in the manufacture of tables and chairs made of rattan. The results are expected to be an increase in the sale price so that the welfare of artisans tables and chairs to be better in the future.


fornitur rattan tables and chairs, efficiency, aesthetic, and functional


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