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PKM activity is based on the phenomenon of many people who do not get access to drinking water services (SPAM) in standard quality. The PKM Objects is a community in Cikole village Lembang district, Bandung Barat regency whose predominantly work as farmers and use raw water sources to fulfil their needs and even for drinking water direct from the surface water comes from mountain spring water, without the appropriate water treatment standards. The water from the source  accommodated through the water reservoirs and then distributed by gravity directly to each home with simple piping systems, without going through the process of screening and testing the water quality in advance. Regarding quality, the water requires the filtering, especially during the rainy season. Therefore through the PKM activity of "The Training of Environmental Sanitation Management: Water Treatment” hopes that the people, besides the understanding the standard criteria of water quality, are also able to do the water treatment through screening models / simple water purification that can be done independently by the community. The PKM activity has involved several related institutions, starting at the level community such as RT, RW, Kadus, water management, Cikole village officials and Lembang district, Bandung Barat regency.


simple water purification, independently.



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