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The government had been assigned Salayo of village to serve as a disaster resilient village. Build a disaster resilient village to need the stages and processes to the local community. The process is carried out by the method of PRA (Participatory Rural Appraisal) and community action approach that involve (i) education aspects by providing knowledge and training on disaster and risks as well as the impact of the disaster, (ii) planning aspects  through empowerment and practice together with the community to identify hazards and disaster risks, and then planned community action corresponding to the location based on the threat of disasters, (iii) implementation aspects of community action based on priority (iv) organizational aspects and the capacity building through the establishment of disaster preparedness group (KSB). The results show a number of identification of community action plans along with implementation according to the capability of local resources, The actions have been done based on priority with limited time and resources. Disaster preparedness groups (KSB) have been unveiled by local the government. 


community action, disaster preparedness groups (KSB), villages Salayo


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