Ina Helena Agustina, Astri Mutia Ekasari, Irland Fardani


Keraton Kanoman and Kacirebonan  have a history of the entry of Islam in West Java. Currently both keraton still have the building intact. In addition, there are also descendants who continue the tradition of the palace. The spatial system of the palace still follows the pattern of the past space. Similarly, the structure of the building. The purpose of writing this paper is to examine the phenomenon of contemporary space in Kanoman palace and Kacirebonan palace. This scientific paper is a research product using Husserl Phenomenology method. The results show the phenomenon of space pattern equation in the palace of Cirebon is the king's residence is the highest peak. Besides the palace in Cirebon facing north. In the North there is the Tomb of Sunan Gunung Djati located on Mount Sembung. This shows the parallel between the worldly life and the end. This phenomenon shows that space and place has something that is intangible, this is evidenced by the phenomenon of layout and the composition of the palace Kanoman and Keraton Kacirebonan.

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