Pelayanan Prima Di Chingu Korean Fan Cafe

Yadi Supriadi, Maman Suherman, Atie Rachmiatie, Maya Amalia O.P., Udung Noor Rosyad


Public Relations has an important role and function in managing business activities. One of them is relied to develop restaurant or café business especially for tourism city like Bandung. A café’s service is one of the value that can determine customer satisfaction, other than that, the concept of a restaurant or cafe can be an attractive value for visitors, to be able to judge whether it is worthy of being a place that is frequently visited. This study aims to find out how well the services provided by Chingu Korean Fan Cafe. This research uses descriptive method, namely research that only describes situations or events. The population of this study was Bandung Chingu cafe consumers who came to the cafe when the research was conducted (questionnaire distribution). The numbers cannot be ascertained due to the absence of consumer identity data at Chingu Cafe. Therefore, researchers do not have a sampling frame.


PR Strategy, Service Excellent, Marketing


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