Peran Kelembagaan Usaha Mikro Dan Kecil (UMK) Terhadap Laju Pertumbuhan Ekonomi (LPE) Jawa Barat

Ida Nurnida Relawan


Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) is a general term for business entities that qualify Micro and Small scale enterprises. MSEs can be viewed from various perspectives. In this study, researcher looked at from the point of view of institutional MSEs, which many experts interpreted as a rule of the game. Institutionally, MSEs play an important role in the economy in West Java, in particular of its contribution to the number of business units which reached 99.98%. Based on MSEs significant contribution in terms of number, researcher is interested to know more about the role of MSEs institutional as an economic bodies to the economy: the Labor Absorption, GDP and LPE, which is the goal of this research. Type of this research is  descriptive-explorative which conducted through an inductive approach.

The conclusion of this study is that institutional of MSEs in West Java contribute significantly to Labor Absorption (80%), GDP (42.78%) and LPE (2.95%) of West Java LPE 6.59%. This fact demanding the Regional Government of West Java more proactive in empowering MSEs. Based on the data obtained in this study, 54% of institutional of MSEs in West Java got problem. The biggest problem is competition (29.57%). According to the theory used in this study, the best way to build the institutions is to combine the skills, strategy, and coordination, which is done in a equitable ways.


Role, Institutional, Micro & Small Enterprises (MSEs), Economy


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