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Unisba Electronic Journal or  is an online journal settings and system publications issued by the Universitas Islam Bandung. The portal was built and developed by P2U (University Publishing Center) LPPM Unisba for the benefit of interconnect resources and scientific work as an effective tool in disseminating information to the whole society, especially academics and researchers. This service is provided free of charge and intended as a medium of dissemination of scientific articles that can be accessed by the public and is expected to be a positive contribution to science in the wider community. Scientific Publication is expected to create a forum for communication and open discussion space for researches in the field of science concerned.

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Ta'dib: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam

Ta'dib: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam published since 2000 which is managed by Program Studi Pendidikan Agama Islam Fakultas Tarbiyah dan Keguruan, Universitas Islam Bandung in collaboration with Asosiasi Dosen Pendidikan Agama Islam Indonesia (ADPISI), published twice within 1 (one) year, in May and November.

Ta'dib: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam focuses on research results relating to the issue of Islamic religious education. The scope of Journal (but not limited) are: Philosophy of Islamic Education;  History of Islamic Education; Theological Foundation of Education; Policies of Islamic Education; Politics of Islamic Education; Management of Islamic Education; Islamic Education Professionalism; Islamic Education Curriculum; ICT in Islamic Education; E-Learning in Islamic Education;  Islamic Education Institution; Teaching and Learning in Islamic Education; Ethnography on Islamic Education; Local Wisdom-Based Islamic Education; Development of Learning Theory and Design; Psychology of Islamic Education; Islamic Education Paradigms; Character of Islamic Education; Gender in Islamic Education; And so on. 

Since 2017, any submitted paper will be reviewed by reviewers. The review process employs Double-blind Review that the reviewer does not know the identity of the author, and the author does not know the identity of the reviewers. The languages used are Indonesian or English (Article), and English and Indonesia for Abstract.

Ta'dib: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam has become a CrossRef Member since the year 2017. Therefore, all articles published by Ta'dib: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam will have a unique DOI number. DOI:

ISSN 1411-8173 | E-ISSN 2528-5092


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Tahkim (Jurnal Peradaban dan Hukum Islam)

Tahkim adalah jurnal ilmiah yang dikelola dan diterbitkan oleh Prodi hukum Keluarga Islam (Ahwal Asy-Syakhsiyyah) Fakultas Syari'ah Universitas Islam Bandung. Tahkim diterbitkan dua kali setahun, yaitu bulan Maret dan Oktober. Tahkim fokus pada bidang hukum Islam yang meliputi hukum keluarga islam, Sejarah, hukum perdata Islam, hukum pidana islam, fiqh-ushul fiqh, kaedah fiqhiyah, masail fiqhiyah, tafsir hadis ahkam ataupun hasil penelitian yang relevan. Jurnal ini atas kerjasama antara Prodi Hukum Keluarga Islam (Ahwal Asy-Syakhsiyyah) Universitas Islam Bandung dengan Asosiasi Dosen Peneliti Ilmu Keislaman dan Sosial (ADPIKS)

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