Perspektif Baru Groupthink: Perbedaan Tingkat Pendidikan dalam Proses Pengambilan Keputusan Kelompok

Marlinda Irwanti, Deddy Muharman


This research is motivated by the phenomenon of groups of female who usually frequent and visible to see from even elementary schools until university. The interesting point of this research is, researchers interested in analyzing this phenomenon with questions, whether the difference in education level affects the decision-making process in the female group, adding the complexity of the pre-existing nature within the group members. This study uses interviews and focus group discussions to gather data that are expected to explain the above phenomena by using assumptions and symptoms of Groupthink theory itself. The results showed that there was no difference in the decision-making process of the different groups of the educational level, and other interesting findings that Groupthink does not occur in these groups. This happens because these groups did not shut down their point of view from outside influences, and also the absence of a formal group leader, and the persistence of high mutual understanding of his fellow group members.


Groupthink, communication, decision-making, group


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