Social Education on Earth Quake and Tsunami Disaster in West Sumatera

Emrizal Emrizal, Yessy Markolinda


West Sumatra is one of the areas located in areas prone to earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia. This study aims to reveal the profile, functions, and problems BPBDs and RSUP as well as the proposed solutions and education for the community. Base article contains information about the knowledge of the risks, warning services, communication and dissemination of information to the public. BPBDs, RSUP in Bali and Padang serve as a research base. Based on these studies, the educational proposal of the earthquake/ tsunami for public consumption, map problems and a package of policy proposals for BPBDs and RSUP are in this article. Instruments research is conducted by a structured interview format with a special interview, observation, focus group discussions, and data documentation. Results of the study reveales that the readiness of the community in the face of the earthquake and tsunami need to be improved because now the community is not ready to face it. The resulting software is able to prepare the public face of the earthquake and tsunami.


BPBD, RSUP, warning services,tsunami


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