The Welenrengnge Boat Model: Maritim Character Building Of Higher Education In Indonesia

AB Takko Bandung


This study is a cultural research using a descriptive qualitative design, namely Maritim character values in the script of Sawerigading Voyage to China is profoundly classified, interpreted, and described. The research result shows that Welenrengnge can be utilized in order to implement the Maritim character for Hasanuddin University academicians and it has been tested to students at Faculty of Humanities, Hasanuddin University. Based on the scenario, the stages to achieve the Maritim character, what is always heard, seen, read, reviewed, discussed and performed is obsessed into everybody’s personality so the self-character can be changed and shaped either individually or collectively. Therefore, this model is called the Welenrengnge Boat Model. Seizing the Maritim character requires a considerable time. The experimental research shows that the students generation of 2014 of Indonesian Literature Department of Faculty of Humanities have commenced to build the Maritim character.


Higher Education, Welenrengnge Boat Model, Maritim character

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