Multicultural Politics In Governor Candidates Of Dki Jakarta 2017 In Tempo.Co

Diya Sri Widiyanti


The purpose of this research is how to comprehend the politics of Indonesian people for accepting ethnic, racial, religious and tribal diversity in occupying government seat (governor’s election of Jakarta) in the context of multicultural country. This research uses Michel Foucaul’s theory, especially in implementing the discourse of  " indigenous Indonesian leader " in people’s mind.  Foucaul’s critical discourse analyses alone does not fully answer the issues of politics in Indonesia, therefore this research also uses Jacques Ranciere's theory in its democratic spirit and the multicultural view of Bhikhu Parekh. The result of the research are society’s heterophobia of multicultural politics, the emerging burden of multicultural politics in Indonesia, antagonism,  failures in politics, and epilogue, becoming a difference border. The conclusion is, issue of SARA (ethnicity, religion, race, intergroups) still exists, especially in a country with multicultural status. Politics and multicultural discourses which do not find the logic of the equation is not the dissensus, but consensus.


Political discourse, heterophobia, Politics Of Multiculturalism, Governor Candidates, Tempo.Co

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