Unisba: Meretas Jalan ke Kancah Internasional Saat Setengah Abad

Prima Mulyasari Agustini


The world today, according to Friedman, has revolved around series of globalization wave, namely Globalization 3.0, which downsizing the world to a tiny small size and flattening the same field in the same time. There’s no way to survive from this period other  than  providing high quality human resources who can adapt with their new situation. Marking its fifty years of age, Unisba face such challenge in the future.  By analyzing problems faced by Unisba, this research presents strategic alternatives: (1) acceleration in educating  and  applying  Islamic   principles in its activities and civitas academica;   (2) transformation of Unisba as research university; (3)  implementing  Unisba as entrepreneurial university; and (4)  integrating  supporting  elements to accelerate Unisba as one of world-class university.


Uhul Islam; Integrasi Teaching University; Research University; Entrepreneurial University


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