Analisis Perilaku “Impulse Buying” dan “Locus of Control” pada Konsumen di Carrefour Bandung

Lisa Widawati


In modern economy, credit card system substituted cash-payment system as well. Such situation affects people in many ways. A weak self-control in using credit card has resulted on immature and unplanned buying. Such was the case of 60 Carrefour consumers in Bandung which were carefully chosen as research respondents.  Employing Impulse Buying concept of Rook &Verplanken, combined with Locus of Control concept as proposed by Rooter, this descriptive research resulted in some conclusions.  One of the main conclusion to be found here is the fact that lots of consumer tend to have low Impulse Buying with Internal Locus of Control. Meanwhile, there were also a group of consumers who showed High Impulse with External Locus of Control.


Impulse Buying; Locus of Control; Consumer Behavior; Credit Card; Sosial


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