Peran Modal Sosial Dalam Kerja Sama Antar Daerah Kartamantul

Dika Fajri Fiisabiilillah, Fitria Ayu Vidayani, Delik Hudalah


Decentralization policy in Indonesia makes each region has its own autonomy in to carry out development. However, integrated management among local governments is often required to provide efficient public services and overcome urban-regional issues emerging at the metropolitan scale. The building of inter-regional cooperation can tackle transaction costs associated with regional-scale public service provision. Taking Kartamantul (Yogyakarta-Sleman-Bantul urban agglomeration) metropolitan cooperation as the case study, this article aims to explain the role of social capital in reducing these transaction costs. The analysis shows that a number of components of social capital such as interactions, shared values and culture, networks, trust, solidarity, and reciprocity have glued the actors to voluntarily participate in the rural-urban cooperation. Several of the social capital’s components have already existed long before the formation of the Joint Secretariat and served as the initial triggering factor for cooperation. However, as the cooperation progressed, these components were extended and strengthened.


Kartamantul, Metropolitan Cooperation, Social Capital, Transaction Cost


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