Resilience on Human Trafficking Victims in West Java

Ihsana Sabriani Borualogo


There are cities/districts in West Java which have high number of human trafficking cases. Human trafficking victims experienced psychological distress due to violence they have experienced. The aim of this research is to describe resilience on human trafficking by using theory from Michael Ungar. This research used descriptive method with purposive sampling technique. Samples taken are 33 women, age 15-23 years old, mostly graduated from junior high school (16 persons = 49%). Data was collected using resilience questionnaire CYRM-28 which created by Michael Ungar. Research findings showed 69.7% of victims have high resilience. In socio-ecological dimension, which is relationship with caregiver (mean = 3.96) and context/sense of belonging (mean = 3.96) have higher mean compare to individual dimension (mean = 3.79). In socio-ecological dimension, psychological caregiving (mean = 4.15) and spiritual (mean = 4.10) are two important indicators which help individuals to become resilient. In individual dimension, personal skill (mean = 3.85) is the important indicator which must be owned by individuals to become resilient.


resilience, human trafficking, socio-ecological

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