Strategi Pesan Promosi Kesehatan Cegah Flu Burung

Tuti Widiastuti


Avian influenza health disaster has attacked many countries in the world, includes Indonesia. An effort have been done by government through Health Department RI publish health promotion communication on public services advertising (PSA) version “Cegah Flu Burung dengan B3K”. In a way to criticize this PSA is used theoretical framework social construction of reality and health promotion. This research use descriptive qualitative method, whereas data is collected with literature review from television PSA, and data analysis technique is used framing analysis from Zhondang Pan and Gerald M. Kosicki. Based on research finding has been found that avian influenza prevention health promotion message not yet “enabling” (ability) people to act healthy life, but it only “desiring” (willingness). From this we can say that health promotion still prioritize in giving information, whereas message toward new attitude and behavior changes through learning process still not visible.


Promosi Kesehatan; Konstruksi Realitas Sosial; Iklan Layanan Masyarakat; Pembangunan


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