Strategy for Strengthening MSME in Facing the Free Trade Era

Yusuf Maulana Bahari, Dinda Kayani Putri Bestari


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) have an important and strategic role in Indonesia's economy. But the competitiveness of MSME in Indonesia is still lower compared to those of developed countries. This study aims to improve the MSME brand strategy established at This research is quantitative with a consumer survey approach on, while data analysis uses Partial Least Square. The results show that Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) has a significant influence on purchasing decisions; consumer psychology has a significant influence on purchasing decisions; consumer psychology has an influence on the formation of CBBE; CBBE has a moderating role with a significant mediating influence on changes in acquisition results; and CBBE has a moderating role with imperfect mediation effects on the formation of purchasing decisions for MSME products. Therefore, to improve the MSME brand strategy established at, it is necessary to increase the influence of CBBE on purchasing decisions for MSME products.


CBBE, MSME, purchase decision.

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